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> The partners, in collaboration with experts from the BBC and  
> IPTC/SportsML, are pleased to share a proposal for improving the  
> sports vocabulary.
> The sports vocabulary proposal is available as an exported  
> PDF in the W3C Web Schemas - Sports  
> wiki<>

Nice work. A couple of comments:

Most leagues for e.g. Soccer in Europe have multiple levels, and system of  
elevation and relegation. For example Getafe Football Club is playing in  
the first tier of the Spanish football league (since 2003 - it started  
somewhere further down). As far as I can tell there are about 456  
divisions, most of which have 11 subdivisions*. In most leagues I know the  
top and bottom few teams move up or down (unless they are in the first or  
last division)

This also applies to cricket, and while changes were over a much longer  
timescale australian football.

The SportsStatistics don't match cricket very well - the "score for and  
score against" are expressed in forms like

281/3d & 420 vs 199 & 400/4 (which is a draw) and the margin is either a  
number of runs or a number of wickets (won by 7 wickets or 455 runs, or by  
an innings and 44 runs. Lost by X runs)

A tie in cricket is not the same as a draw. A tie is very rare in the  
"ultimate" level of international test cricket - the famous tied test of  
1960-1 series was repeated once, in the other famous tied test of 2005.  
Whereas a huge proportion of tests end in a draw. But this might be an  
anomaly rare enough that it doesn't matter.



*I didn't grow up with soccer as a major thing. But globally it is.

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