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I'm fairly new to, but this schema is very much of interest to
me. I've spent some time working on standards for government-citizen
interactions and question answering is core to that. My work has mostly
been under the umbrella of the Open311 APIs which have primarily focused on
the interaction of tracking a request for service, such as reporting a
pothole and tracking the status of the request for repair. That
specification, Open311 GeoReport ( has
been getting fairly good adoption both in North America and Europe, but
there's been less attention on the development of another API spec called
the Open311 Inquiry API which is designed around question and answer
interactions. New York City proposed a draft and implemented it several
years ago (see,
but it included some domain specific structure around "answers" that
described government services and facilities. I think that aspect of the
spec is now being well served by schemas like but there's still a need for more
general FAQs, eg and it seems
like this new schema will help address that. In the longer term, there's
also the possibility for this question and answering interaction to follow
the same asynchronous workflow as the Open311 GeoReport API which I think
is more in line with the motivation behind this new schema than more static
FAQ listings.

A few questions:

* How does this relate to AskAction and ReplyAction?
* How would you represent an answer with another schema? This might be more
of a general question about how an additionalType is used. For example if
the question is "When is election day?" could the answer be represented as instead of, or in addition to,

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 4:10 PM, Thad Guidry <> wrote:

>> 3. Thad Guidry
>> Requests that we make clear that an answer is just an opinion, not
>> necessarily the truth.
>> Hopefully the suggestedAnswer text above addresses this. We might add
>> some obviously false answer example too.
>> TODO: solicit example markup for Question and/or Answer. Any suggestions?
> Yeap, that works...
> but I would prefer a nudge to include "opinion" in the text...i.e. An
> answer or opinion (possibly one of several, possibly incorrect) to a
> Question.
> My reason is that folks sometimes don't "answer" directly...merely make an
> opinion or belief statement towards the question...and sometimes those are
> marked as being a "very good answer" towards a question.
> Q: Can humans multi-task ?
> A: It is my belief that humans can learn to multi-task with adaptive
> training, but some studies have shown that cognitive load demands too much
> from memory usage on the human brain for anything more than extremely
> simple tasks.
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