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Re: Buyer / Seller / Provider Re-Design

From: Wallis,Richard <Richard.Wallis@oclc.org>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 21:02:39 +0000
To: Dan Brickley <danbri@google.com>
CC: "Jason Johnson (BING)" <jasjoh@microsoft.com>, "<public-vocabs@w3.org>" <public-vocabs@w3.org>
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Good progress.

Coming from a community (the library folks) where selling things is not a natural modus operandi, can I make an appeal to slightly broaden the definition of ‘seller’ to emphasise the point that it may not be a financial transaction being contemplated.

Something like:  …. The seller may sell, offer, lease, lend or loan goods and services ….


On 14 Aug 2014, at 22:19, Dan Brickley <danbri@google.com<mailto:danbri@google.com>> wrote:

On 1 August 2014 17:00, Jason Johnson (BING) <jasjoh@microsoft.com<mailto:jasjoh@microsoft.com>> wrote:
Hi All,

Following up on a thread which went stale back in June, Vicki and Dan @
Google + myself formalized the prior public discussions into a pair of
alternative vocabulary re-designs.  We then generated a (hopefully)
canonical set of use cases to help validate and map those alternatives.  We
would like to re-start the stale discussion using this more formal proposal
in the hopes that we can drive consensus ASAP.


We hope to move forward with one of these solutions ASAP and look forward to
your input!

Ok folks, the rough consensus here was pretty clearly towards the
'beta' option. Here's a first cut towards implementation.

Github issue, https://github.com/rvguha/schemaorg/issues/88 with links
to these discussions, and a first cut implementation.

Here's a mid-level description of the concrete changes. More abstract
than the RDFS config files in Github, but more specific than the PDF
overview: https://www.w3.org/wiki/WebSchemas/SellerVendorCleanup#Changes_proposed

Github branch with the changes:
https://github.com/danbri/schemaorg/tree/sdo-sellerbroker ...

Test build:

(main properties)

(superceded properties)

The main outstanding thing now is to check the examples match. From a
quick grep-based look, we only have examples for 'seller', 'provider',
'carrier', and only the latter is obviously in need of an update.

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