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Thanks Thad -  I agree.

From: Thad Guidry []
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I think it is fine to have ColorPalette be a property of Visual Artwork.  First.

If we later decide that there is increasing value to move it to Thing, then we can do that.

Things have Color, true, and in Scientific matters, Spectrography and color classes have a place, but for now, I would not think there will be an immediate need or advantage of placing it on Thing.  It seems very domain specific to Visual Artwork.  We can take care of Scientific color needs within another scope and with more discussion once someone works up a data need and proposal in that domain.

+1 for ColorPalette being a property of Visual Artwork.

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 1:06 PM, Thanigai Vellore <<>> wrote:
Since "color composition" is a visual metadata/attribute, I thought it would be more applicable to Visual Artwork and might not apply to the global Thing object (for eg: a Music recording does not need  a ColorPalette property). While it is true that external luminosity and reflection can affect perceived color of an artwork, I think it is still a lot of value to identify and express the original colors used by artist. For example, if we need to analyze all the dominant colors used by Van Gogh during a particular timeperiod, a ColorPalete property like this would be really helpful..This will also help in harmonizing multiple visual artworks based on a color scheme.


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Rather than being specific to VisualArtwork I'd suggest you amend your proposal so that ColorPalette be a property of Thing to give the opportunity for people to describe the colours of things beyond visual artwork.

I can't see the ColorPalette property being used by museums, galleries, or artists, because the colours in any painting or piece of artwork vary depending on how light is falling on a picture/object, and the colour temperature of the ambient light - they're not inherent values of a piece of artwork (apart from in digital artwork). That said, I can see that there could be a use for this outside the realms of fine art.


On 10/06/13 22:40, Thanigai Vellore wrote:

When it comes to Visual Artwork, one of the main visual attributes for any artwork is its color composition. Even though the current schema for "Thing" has a color attribute, it is just a "text" type which cannot capture the rich color metadata about the artwork. So, I would like to propose a new property (say "ColorPalette") which captures all the dominant colors in the visual artwork in a palette form. The ColorPalette object could contain a list of colorSwatches. Each ColorSwatch can contain the following properties:
a. hex (Hex value) - Text
b. name (Name of the color) - Text
c. percentage (percent of the color in the image) - Text

The color palette information would be very useful to classify, categorize and index artwork by colors. I have provided an example of how this structure could look:

<span itemscope itemtype=""<>>
                <div itemscope itemtype=""<>>
                                <span itemprop="hex">#3366FF</span>
                                <span itemprop="name">Sky Blue</span>
                                <span itemprop="percentage">30%</span>
                <div itemscope itemtype=""<>>
                                <span itemprop="hex">#F5B800</span>
                                <span itemprop="name">Gold</span>
                                <span itemprop="percentage">25%</span>
                <div itemscope itemtype=""<>>
                                <span itemprop="hex">#F5003D</span>
                                <span itemprop="name">Crimson Red</span>
                                <span itemprop="percentage">20%</span>
                <div itemscope itemtype=""<>>
                                <span itemprop="hex">#B8F500</span>
                                <span itemprop="name">Lime</span>
                                <span itemprop="percentage">15%</span>
                <div itemscope itemtype=""<>>
                                <span itemprop="hex">#F500B8</span>
                                <span itemprop="name">Fuschia</span>
                                <span itemprop="percentage">10%</span>

I would appreciate if you can provide your feedback

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