Re: Socialnetworks of a person or organization

Use an external enumeration FOR NOW.  Details here:

Q: Why don't you support other vocabularies such as FOAF, SKOS, etc?

In creating, one of our goals was to create a single place where
webmasters could go to figure out how to mark up their content, with
reasonable syntax and style consistency across types. This way, webmasters
only need to learn one thing rather than having to understand different,
often overlapping vocabularies. A lot of the vocabulary on was
inspired by earlier work like Microformats, FOAF, OpenCyc, etc. Many terms
in came through collaborations, and we acknowledge these on the site rather than by making our markup more complex. See
also our external
for handling enumerated lists of entities.

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 3:02 PM, Bernd K. <> wrote:

> Hi all,****
> what do you think is the best properties to declare social networks like
> facebook, google+, twitter..accout for a person or organization?****
> I thing memberOf is not the best.****
> ** **
> How do you link a person or organization to his social website?
> ** **
> Best regards****
> Bernd****


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