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Have you had a look at


This is from

GoodRelations and provides a sophisticated way of modeling quantitative values properly, including value references ("measured at 20 degrees celsius"), ranges and point values, and a proper separation of units of measurements.

This pattern is heavily used e.g. for modeling car features, e.g. with

I admit that the documentation of this powerful part of GoodRelations is insufficient; I will be working on a better documentation at 

which is currently just a stub.


On Jun 5, 2013, at 6:27 PM, Karen Coyle wrote:

> Alex, do you think that "non-scientific" and "scientific" can share a vocabulary? Or are the purposes too different?
> It seems like *measurement* itself is general enough to be usable in nearly all contexts.
> kc
> On 6/5/13 9:11 AM, Alex Milowski wrote:
>> I'm curious if there are any of you working on annotating scientific
>> measurements.  Specifically, I'm looking for structured values that
>> would contain properties such as:
>>    * "the target quantity" - e.g. air temperature, luminosity, etc.
>>    * measurement method
>>    * SI units
>>    * expected error
>>    * category (e.g. surface air temperature vs atmospheric air temperature)
>> Most of my examples come out of weather data but I've also been looking
>> at the measurements used by astronomers as well.
>> In fact, the IVOA's UCD (Unified Content Descriptors) [1] is an
>> interesting approach to creating tuples that are backed by some kind of
>> scientific measurement semantics.  Their approach hasn't been
>> translated, as far as I know, into any kind of RDF-aware schema.
>> [1]
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