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Re: Schema.org extension proposal for job market

From: Dan Scott <dan@coffeecode.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 14:10:09 -0400
To: Jindřich Mynarz <mynarzjindrich@gmail.com>
Cc: "public-vocabs@w3.org" <public-vocabs@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20130723181007.GC23260@denials.eastlink.ca>
On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 05:34:36PM +0100, Jindřich Mynarz wrote:


> Finally, I want to ask a question that is relevant to all extension
> proposals. When you create new vocabulary terms in your extension proposal,
> should you use the http://schema.org/ namespace or should you mint their
> URIs in your own namespace (which might be mapped to Schema.org's URI if
> the proposal gets accepted)?

I'm really interested in clarifying the best practices for schema.org
extension proposals, too.

An option for W3C Community Groups, per
http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-vocabs/2013May/0008.html, is
to use the namespace available to your group at
http://www.w3.org/ns/your-group-name (further details in the original
post to the list).
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