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On 2/27/13 1:01 PM, Diane Hillmann wrote:
> Fuller information on the LII Legislative Model Project (including 
> downloads of data and publications) is available here: 
> Again, please feel free to send along comments and questions.
> Diane Hillmann
> On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 3:59 PM, Diane Hillmann 
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>     Folks:
>     Last year I worked with a group lead by the Cornell Legal
>     Information Institute to build an event-aware model for US
>     legislative materials, under a grant from the Library of Congress.
>     We're still in the process of publishing the results, as well as
>     exposing the vocabularies we built within the Open Metadata
>     Registry. You can get a glimpse of the former in the blog 'Making
>     Metasausage' ( and take a
>     look at the vocabulary portion of the work in progress
>     (
>     We would be happy to entertain questions about the work, and will
>     certainly pass on links to other published material as it is issued.
>     Regards,
>     Diane Hillmann
>     Metadata Management Associates

Great stuff!

Wondering if you could add the following to this great effort:

1. add rdfs:isDefinedBy relations to this ontology -- I've applied these 
suggestions to one of the Linked Data spaces I control so that you can 
see the impact on Linked Data exploration [1][2] ;

2. add rdfs:labels relations for each entity described by the ontology 
-- this will enables use of inference to relegated URIs to @ref in <a/> 
thereby giving the best of both worlds i.e., no URI clutter to the naked 
eye while keeping the full data access power in the anchor available to 
any Web user agent.

Gist of what I did using SPARQL 1.1:

## URI that denotes Ontology: <>
## URI/URL that denotes Web Document comprised of RDF based content that 
describes the Ontology denoted above: 


             {    ?s rdfs:isDefinedBy <> .
<> ?s.
                 <> a owl:Ontology .
                 ?s <> 
foaf:primaryTopic ?s .
                                                 {?s rdfs:subClassOf ?o}
                                                 {?s rdfs:subPropertyOf ?o}
                                                 UNION {?s 
owl:equivalentClass ?o}
                                                 UNION {?s 
owl:equivalentProperty ?o}
                                                 UNION {?s a ?o}


-- using Ontology description as starting point for follow-your-nose 
-- shows how you can pivot back using isDefinedBy or wdrs:describedby 



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