RE: vocabularies for parliamentary proceedings

Hi Tatiana,

I'm not aware of any published Sem Web vocabularies for these documents.

However, procedings like Hansard are certainly highly indexed already. Existing indices would provide a good start.

There are also other related datasets that might help: e.g. organisation charts for government departments will have ministerial roles etc. - have a look at for examples...

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Sent: 18 February 2013 16:59
Subject: vocabularies for parliamentary proceedings

Dear All,

I am looking for the existing vocabularies/ontologies (in English) that can be used to describe the structure of documents of parliamentary proceedings, i.e., written records of parliamentary meetings. For example, I am interested in expressing such concepts as parliamentary proceedings, topics (discussed agenda of the proceedings), speeches inside topics (verbal ) and paragraphs that constitute parliamentary speeches.

Is anybody aware of such vocabularies? So far I have not found anything specific, only vocabularies that allow to describe structure of generic documents such as [1] or [2] .


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