Re: Proposal for new type : Vocabulary

On 3 December 2013 11:19, Bernard Vatant <> wrote:
> Dear all
> We're considering adding markup at, and in
> particular in vocabulary description pages, such as
> We can now put each vocabulary in the broad CreativeWork type, but what
> about a more specific "Vocabulary" type, which could be used by any kind of
> reference vocabulary : glossaries, classifications, ontologies, concept
> schemes, subject headings, authorities ...
> An extra would be to have a "definedBy" property to link instances of the
> oncoming Topic class to an instance of Vocabulary.
> How does that sound?

Since this is for a rather limited / professional / expert audience
(like SKOS), how about just using owl:Ontology ?

I believe all the other features of OWL are optional (i.e. don't feel
obliged, and it would be a reasonable use of the term.

Similarly was defined
for relating a term to ... where it came from.


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