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On 12/05/2013 02:41 PM, Martin Hepp wrote:
> Hi Elf:
Hi Martin :)

> Just a quick reply from the GoodRelations perspective:
> The basic use-case should already be covered by the Demand type. Demand is essentially a reverse offer. The missing elements for your use-cases seems to be a more generic description of the expected compensation- In GoodRelations, while the notion of the compensation is generic ("I offer 1 kg of gold for 200 lb of good karma"), the elements support monetary compensations only, at the moment.
> I will think of how this can be implemented in the conceptual model of GR. From the top of my head, a super-property to priceSpecification would already go far, like
> expectedCompensation
> with a domain of Offer and (logically:or) Demand, and a range of schema:Thing.
> This simple approach would have nice properties:
> 1. The case of asking for money is properly modeled as a special case.
> 2. One can model barter trade (e.g. in classifieds - "I want to trade in a pair of shoes for a pair of trousers"; use schema:SomeItems with additionalType for that one)
> 3. One can model that the expected compensation is a certain individual object ("I will wash your car for the Mona Lise painting", simply use schema:Individual with a DBPedia or Freebase URI for the object).
> I have to think a bit more about whether that is sufficient to also model business functions on both sides ("I will mow your lawn five times for a used bike"). With schema:TypeAndQuantityNode, this should also be possible, but I have to double check.
> So it seems that by adding this single superproperty, we would cover most of what you need.
Thank you for taking your time and helping with your expertise in this 

I find interesting case in current Action sub tree where we find 
schema:TransferAction and schema:TradeAction

I have impression that in your explanation you focused on what would fit 
under TradeAction. Where currently people put most emphasis on its 
special case: *Trading* real goods and services *Product*-s for virtual 
tokens like dollar, euro, bitcoin, dropis, evrgr etc. (monetary currencies)

Realizing issues of such virtual tokens, more people *Trades* with units 
more grounded in physical reality like hours (timebanking) and could 
also use KWH from electric grid, airmiles, trainmiles, busmiles ,h/day 
tickets of local public transport, L of petrol from certain network of 
stations etc.(assets shares) or simply do barter *Product* for *Product* 
as you suggested.

Myself I find even greater potential in what can fit under 
TransferAction! With some way of describing various *conditions*, some 
examples of what *conditions* one could attach to *Offer*:
* required past contributions to open source *SoftwareApplication*-s 
included in list (verified by commits history)
* required past contributions to *Organization*-s included in list 
(verified by logs in task management or with something like
* required no records of 'crimes' included in the list (it might take 
WoT in place...)
In general offering products under such *conditions* can enable people 
to leverage their *social karma* (not mesured in lb ;) and empower those 
who do contribute to our common wealth!

> General notice: I assume that this part of will be leading-edge e-commerce innovations, so do not expect the major search engines to honor such data immediately.
> But on the other hand, it shows how nicely GoodRelations supports a huge range of scenarios with relatively few conceptual elements ;-)

I understand that as for today *meaningless* virtual tokens (monetary 
currencies) still stay dominant when it comes to arranging 
Trading/Transfer of *Product*-s. At the same time I see them becoming of 
less significance, or even completely deprecated, once we put in place 
diversity of alternative ways, strongly grounded in physical reality, to 
arrange Trading/Transfer of *Product*-s (non-monetary currencies) IMO 
Semantic Web technologies enable us to design such *meaningful* 
currencies... very exciting times! :D

> Martin
> On Nov 27, 2013, at 1:03 PM, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ wrote:
>> On 11/26/2013 08:07 PM, Dan Scott wrote:
>>> Ping... is there anything else I can do to help move this forward?
>> +1
>> Dan, not sure if you noticed my post about work i start on online wishlists and *in-kind* donations:
>> In general I plan to develop number of open source tools helpful for managing economic flows, based on linked data and giving most emphasis on non-commercial ways for sharing resources and services! Relevant CG (sadly not very active) and more overview minddump:
>>> On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 2:17 PM, Dan Scott <> wrote:
>>>> Hello:
>>>> Following the great discussion that began with
>>>> I've
>>>> put together a patch that addresses the bulk of the overly-commercial
>>>> definitions in the current iteration of
>>>> Apologies if the git diff format is inappropriate; I've been mirroring
>>>> in a local git repo as the core pages do not appear to be
>>>> available in the w3 webschema mercurial repo.
>>>> Please let me know if I should generate diffs for the individual type /
>>>> property pages as well, rather than just
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