Re: proposal to add factChecker and copyEditor to NewsArticle

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 12:00 PM, Stuart Myles <>wrote:

> can we find examples on the web of news publishers who are expressing
> these concepts (or something very like them)? If we have evidence that this
> is something that publishers are indicating to readers already, then it
> makes sense for it to be represented in a machine-readable fashion, too.

I agree that this is a good test. I've asked a couple journo friends of
mine if they know of some examples, and they said they couldn't think of
any. One said that it was likely that if they were credited it would be
something like "additional reporting by".

So I suppose if we can't find any examples, then creating the attribute
would be a sort of activist statement more than meeting a need.

Stuart-- do you know of any examples?

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