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A similar structure could be used for an award - Academy, Pulitzer, Nobel, Tony.

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+1 for being on to something.


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Not all of those you listed would ideally use the term "accredited".

UNESCO is a registering authority.

Licensing is a different term, but that could easily be swapped out with the term "accrediting".

But overall, I think your onto something.  To be able to easily say "this Thing has met or achieved certain criteria."

In Freebase, we developed the metaschema of HasCertification, which you can see here (and hover over the source/target column to see some of the predicate paths):

The basis of which is to capture the idea of a relationship between an entity and a formal recognition (e.g. of an achievement or of having met certain criteria) that it has been granted by another entity.

Broadly, the Level should be freeform, I agree, and that could sit under Intangible.  I think that Level could even be abstracted to just broadly, Category.  Where my discussion of which Martin commented on and picks up previously in another thread on this list.

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