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+1 for being on to something.


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> Nicholas,
> Not all of those you listed would ideally use the term "accredited".
> UNESCO is a registering authority.
> Licensing is a different term, but that could easily be swapped out with the
> term "accrediting".
> But overall, I think your onto something.  To be able to easily say "this
> Thing has met or achieved certain criteria."
> In Freebase, we developed the metaschema of HasCertification, which you can
> see here (and hover over the source/target column to see some of the predicate
> paths):
> ion?links
> The basis of which is to capture the idea of a relationship between an entity
> and a formal recognition (e.g. of an achievement or of having met certain
> criteria) that it has been granted by another entity.
> Broadly, the Level should be freeform, I agree, and that could sit under
> Intangible.  I think that Level could even be abstracted to just broadly,
> Category.  Where my discussion of which Martin commented on and picks up
> previously in another thread on this list.

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