Re: new Rest service in RDF extraction from RDFaLite annotations

Matthias, does this allow HTTP content negotiation for output format, or 
does it require a URI parameter? (It looks like not due to the note 
about all Content-Type headers being text/plain)

What are the advantages over:


On 01/10/2012 08:51, Matthias Tylkowski wrote:
> getSchema's Microdata extractor 
> ( might be known 
> already. Now we have started another REST web service, RDFaLite 
> Extractor, to extract RDF data from RDFaLite annotations and provide 
> the semantic information as N-Triples, N3  and JSON.
> More information including endpoint, usage and  limitations at 
> Examples and a simple test form can be found at
> Regards,
> Matthias Tylkowski

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