Re: Breaking news: GoodRelations now fully integrated with!

On 12 November 2012 11:14, Jocelyn Fournier
<> wrote:

> Same question, I've just tried to implement some of the GoodRelations
> markup, but nothing is display in the snippets and the markup seems to be ok
> :
> Any idea ?

This is where we have to distinguish between products/services and
vocabulary. Google's Rich Snippet system (and those from other search
engines) probably won't do anything visibly interesting with this
markup right now. The basic update that happened before the vocabulary
launched was to ensure that the Testing Tool did not complain when
encountering new vocabulary, but this isn't the same as providing
snippets/UI for it. Robert has found a corner-case where unnecessary
warnings are triggered, and I've passed his testcase along to the
relevant engineering team at Google. While I can't give a timeline for
when Google or any other search engine will update their services, I
think it's fair to say the importance and potential of this vocabulary
is widely appreciated.



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