Re: for glossary, controled vocabulary, thesaurus... publication - which class to use ?

On 21 March 2012 09:22, jean delahousse KC
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> What class of object would you use to publish a glossary (controlled
> vocabulary, thesaurus...) with an name and a definition for each
> term/concept ? I think the concept identification (uri, labels, few
> attributes...) should be under Intangible as the List, but today under
> Intangible I don't really have a class to describe  concept (with SKOS
> attributes for example).
> The text definition of the concept could be classified as
> creativework/article if it is a text giving a description of the concept
> under a specific point of view.
> Thanks for your advices.

We don't really have this yet. There may be a case to reflect
something like a "SKOS lite" into's namespace. Or, since
this isn't a particularly mass-market activity (there aren't so many
people publishing these) maybe SKOS-in-RDFa or SKOS-in-Microdata would
look simple enough. Good question! I'll ask around...



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