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On 2012-03-06, at 4:51 AM, Paul Wilton wrote:
> A Person (or an Agent to be more correct) becomes a competitor through
> a relationship with a sporting event (eg sport:Competition in the
> sport ontology, or schema:SportsEvent in - being a
> competitor is temporal for the duration of the event (and of course
> future and historical sporting events).
> Some more examples why vocations should not be subclasses of a Person:
> If we had Actor subClassOf Person, this implies we also need Actor
> subClassOf Horse and Dog  (Black Beauty and Lassie) - which would mean
> that John Wayne (as an instance of Actor) would also thus be a Dog and
> a Horse which is clearly incorrect. The concept of an Athlete is
> exactly the same.

Are there other examples where the vocation is a sub-class of person in Or is this the first time such a thing has appeared?

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