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I do not think you mean true "container formats" ?

Apple HLS is not a container format.  It's a "media streaming protocol"
that is implemented in software or hardware.

Container Formats
Encoding Formats
Media Streaming Protocols that might push or pull Container Formats

Perhaps rename it to "streamingFormat" or to limit it even more use
"streamingProtocol" ??

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 10:22 AM, Menagh, Trevor

> Hello all,
> I am working on a team at Comcast that is using the VideoObject from
> and would like to start a discussion on extending the schema to
> have two new properties:
> closedCaptioned (Boolean) Whether this video has closed captioning
> available.
> packagingFormat (Text) Packaging format used (ism, hls, move, etc).
> closedCaptioned is self-explanatory.
> packagingFormat describes the format that the video object is packaged in,
> as opposed to its encodingFormat. A video in mpeg4, for example, could be
> cut up and packaged to allow for variable bitrate transmission in a
> packaging system like Microsoft's ism, or Apple's hls format.
> We propose that this information would be useful for conveying information
> about a video object in the general schema. I look forward to your
> comments..
> Yours,
> Trevor
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