Re: proposal for new classes Activity and Action

On 20 April 2012 21:39, Daniel Dulitz <> wrote:
> Makes sense Danny. Please continue to monitor discussion on Action/Activity
> to make sure they'll be extensible for your use case. Others have contacted
> me offline about their desire to represent "subtasks," and the Event
> Ontology that Bob mentioned in this thread also seems to argue for having
> some kind of subEvent/subActivity relation available.

Just to drop a quick link in here - in the NoTube EU project (which I
worked on until recently too) we had a need to reflect activity
streams model into RDF. This was for some work on generating TV
recommendations based on social Web activities. There's a draft spec

I think the details matter less than that several of us converged on a
similar design space. I take this as a good sign...

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