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Re: Schema.org has INTENDED types

From: Phil Barker <phil.barker@hw.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 10:06:10 +0000
Message-ID: <4EB8FF12.5080505@hw.ac.uk>
To: public-vocabs@w3.org
On 06/11/2011 07:33, Adrian Giurca wrote:
> Hi all,
> Looking to understand property values defined by Schema.org I found 
> the vocabulary does not allow multiple inheritance i.e., each type has 
> exactly one parent.
> I have an issue when is about establishing a value for a property that 
> has an "intended type". The below example shows three cases when a 
> http://schema.org/Person is described (Rob Marshall,  Penelope Cruz, 
> Ian McShane). All cases define a objects ( itemscope)  of type 
> http://schema.org/Person i.e., the content should be a person 
> description (object description). However, seems that there are many 
> ways to annotate:
> - Rob Marshall is a Person described using plain text
> - Penelope Cruz is a Person described by means of the url property 
> (inherited from Thing)
> - Ian McShane is a Person described by means of the name property 
> (inherited from Thing).
> 1. Are all these descriptions valid?
> 2. Is it valid to use an incomplete object description (as for 
> Penelope Cruz and  Ian McShane )?
> 3. When is plain text is the responsibility of schema.org processor to 
> derive a (possibly incomplete) http://schema.org/Person description?

Hi Rob, I can't answer your questions directly but can point you to the 
'conformance' section of this page http://schema.org/docs/datamodel.html 
which says
   "We also expect that often, where we expect a property value of type 
Person, Place, Organization or some other subClassOf Thing, we will get 
a text string. In the spirit of "some data is better than none", we will 
accept this markup and do the best we can. "

Yes, it's odd that the examples given (e.g. for authors of creative 
works) often don't show how to provide data using the expected type 
specified (Person).


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