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Re: Proper schema.org markup of repeating / recurring events?

From: Robert Kost <rkost@thematix.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 21:20:50 -0500
To: <public-vocabs@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CB16ABC5.9F64%rkost@thematix.com>
Hi Sean,

I'm no authority, but insofar as schema.org seems to want to piggyback on
ISO 8601 for date/time, recurrence is taken care of in section 4.5 of that
standard (http://dotat.at/tmp/ISO_8601-2004_E.pdf).

Does this sound right to you?


On 12/20/11 10:20 AM, "Sean Carlos" <sean@antezeta.com> wrote:

>Hi list,
>I have several cases of repeating / recurring events, such as a
>monthly business networking lunch, where the only data elements which
>change from event to event are the dates.
>It appears to me that schema.org doesn't yet address this particular use
>The current solution appears to be to repeat each event, including the
>duplication of each data element.  I'm thinking of using the search
>engine frowned-upon <meta> tags to hide the repeated data in
>successive event dates.
>Insights and alternatives from the trenches would be welcome.
>In a similar vein, the schema.org documentation is silent on how to
>markup multiple events which occur at the same venue.  There is an
>example specific to Google:
>but it would be nice to see this officially documented for schema.org
>AND clarity provided regarding the order of the data - i.e. the
>possibility to list each event occurrence then the venue, i.e. putting
>the event where it belongs, before the venue.
>Sean Carlos
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