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Re: Using Email as an Identifier

From: Nate Otto <nate@ottonomy.net>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 12:20:16 -0800
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To: "Ward, David" <dward@pcgus.com>
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Manu wrote:
> Remember that you also don't have to provide a credentialSubject.id value
in a
> VC. You can provide multiple alternate identifiers (telephone number,
> address, web page), and it's up to the verifier to do the authentication
> there.

This is where I'm mostly comfortable. Recognize that many learners will not
on day 1 have a DID or any suitable ID to use within a wallet as a subject
identifier and don't try to force email into a field where it doesn't
really help solve the problem. Provide additional identifiers within the VC
that can be used with today's non-wallet-based Open Badges exchange
processes that have already been built to handle email identifiers. This
enables implementers to only need updates to the VC document structure, and
these implementers can do integration with various wallet communication
protocols as those mature.
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