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[ttml1] Pull Request: updated DTD/XSL

[ttml2] Add history link to header (#1227)

[ttml2] Pull Request: updated examples using https://

[ttml2] Pull Request: updated links of references with using https://

[ttml2] update links to RFC with https (#1225)

Call for Exclusions: Timed Text Markup Language 2 (TTML2) (2nd Edition)

Closed: [ttml2] Create CR2 package for publishing. (#1220)

Closed: [ttml2] Mention fingerprinting vectors in privacy considerations. (#1189)

Daylight Savings Time

Event Invitation: TTWG Meeting 2021-04-01

{Daft agenda} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-18

{Draft agenda} TTWG Meeting 2021-03-04

{Draft agenda} TTWG Meeting 2021-04-01

{Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-04

{Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-18

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