Re: {Minutes} TTWG Meeting 2020-03-18

   hi Nigel,

   Sorry to regret last meeting...
# thought to send as direct mail, but sending to public-tt for info share.

On 2021/03/19 02:17, Nigel Megitt wrote:
>                  Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
> 18 March 2021

> Meeting minutes

>    Publication of updated CR
>     Nigel: Good news - we got there with CR2, at [10]https://
>     … I noticed too late that we forgot to put a history link in at
>     the top.
>     … That can go in later, at PR or a CRD if we do one.
>       [10]

   I've totally forgot about the history link, sorry. And filed new issue (not to forget next time) as

>    Unresolved horizontal review issues

>     Glenn: It would be an easy editorial change to use https in the
>     examples throughout the spec.
>     Nigel: I may try to pick up this as a PR, but not until the end
>     of next week.
>     … If anyone else can, that'd be great too.
>     … To me, the non-normative note about risks is the appropriate
>     fix here because we don't talk about transport protocols at
>     all.

   will try tomorrow (or today), to find all http uses in examples and replacing all by PR.

>    Shear calculations and origin of coordinate system. w3c/ttml2#1199

>     Nigel: I haven't checked JLReq and all the gap documents
>     published by the internationalisation activity, but I would
>     speculate that
>     … this would be one of the gaps that would need solving across
>     the web platform, so they likely do want to solve it.

   For i18n gap-analysis, there is a matrix summarizes gaps, at:
   Shear or Italic is handled in 'Font styles', and two are pointed as issue (italic in rtl),
Arabic: (incl. graphical sample)
N'Ko italic: (incl. graphical sample)
both uses the matrix pointed in #1199 (CCW for rtl).
   both clreq (zh -hans/-hant) and jlreq does not have any section about italic/shear.

   I have no information on center or edge for now, which results into a half character width
shift at the beginning...

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