Re: MIME Type for subtitle-only MP4 files

Thanks for that Cyril,

Thank you for that information - looks like we're heading in a good

In future communications we should link to - it's not a significant
problem that you linked to the old .../CodecsRegistry page since that
redirects to the new location anyway.

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On 16/10/2015 10:16, "Cyril Concolato"
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>Dear all,
>For your information, I've submitted a contribution to MPEG regarding
>the MIME type of subtitle-only MP4 files. I believe that this is of
>interest to the group for WebVTT and TTML.
>This contribution also proposes changes to MPEG's spec to use the TTML
>The contribution is available here:

>Best regards,
>Cyril Concolato
>Cyril Concolato
>Multimedia Group / Telecom ParisTech


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