RE: Remove profiling prohibition for frequency capping (ISSUE-236)

On 2014-09-11 12:18, Shane M Wiley wrote:

> We've always agreed the frequency-capping would be a permitted use in
> situations where a DNT=1 is received.  Are you suggesting we now
> remove that permitted use or are you simply commenting on this
> specific language?

I am perfectly fine with frequency-capping, as long as it doesn't 
require profiling at an individual level. It cannot result in collection 
of data by a third-party if the UA is setting a DNT:1 flag. The mere 
fact that this particular purpose of tracking is beneficial both to the 
user and the advertiser does not justify in itself an override of a 
DNT:1 preference. And I can think of several methods to prevent 
saturation of a particular user with a particular ad, for example 
progressively dropping least-significant bits of IP-addresses to mask 
out groups of users that an ad should not be shown to.

I do not recall a broad consensus about this particular permitted use.



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