Agenda for November 12 TPWG call

Happy Veterans/Armistice Day for those of you who mark that holiday. Agenda for our weekly teleconference tomorrow follows.

Nick (for co-chairs)

--- Issues for this Call ---

1. TPE Last Call Comments

ISSUE-262: guidance regarding server responses and timing
We're waiting on more text proposals for this issue which we discussed last week, so we won't spend much time on it this week.

ISSUE-266: regarding expiration of user-granted exceptions
Seems like we have agreement and just need to implement the text change and review.

Other JavaScript API comments, including:
ISSUE-256: comments on exception APIs (asynchronous/promise/parameter names)

2. Compliance issues


We seem to be narrowing down on a list of change proposals (M2). Can we find agreement or iteration or should we move to Call for Objection?



3. AOB

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