Agenda for December 3 TPWG call

Hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow's call will focus on TPE issues. Also, we can discuss Nick's changes regarding issue-203/use of tracking since we might not have had time to review them before the last call.

Nick (for the co-chairs) (And sorry for the delay.)

--- Issues for this Call ---

1. TPE Last Call Comments

ISSUE-262: guidance regarding server responses and timing

Update: Do we have text proposals to review?

Any updates from David Singer on status of JavaScript-related TPE issues.


2. Compliance issues

ISSUE-203: use of tracking
If you didn't review Nick's change on this issue already, see:

What other issues do we need to take up on the Compliance document?

3. AOB

Reminder about Auditability Call for Objections:

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