Re: Using "tracking" in compliance document (ISSUE-203)

Hi all,

As mentioned on the last teleconference, I have been working on a draft
proposal to address tracking-ISSUE-203 by rewriting TCS based on the
WG decisions made for the TPE last call working draft.  I have finished
a complete draft and uploaded it to

Please note that this is just a draft proposal.  I used the ED format in
order to make it easier to read and much easier for the TCS editors to
copy and paste whatever is acceptable to the group.

I have left the issue markers where they are most appropriate, but have
not checked for any open issues not already reflected in the TCS ED.
I did not meddle with the definition of de-identify in this pass.

Since this will be discussed on the next call, I will not be making
any more changes to the draft until after the call (unless the chairs
ask for something to be changed).  However, please try to review it
early in the week and feel free to send comments to the list, since
that will make the call go faster.


Roy T. Fielding                     <>
Senior Principal Scientist, Adobe   <>

Received on Saturday, 2 August 2014 04:10:25 UTC