Re: TPE Handling Out-of-Band Consent (including ISSUE-152)

>   BTW, I am also suggesting that OOBC cannot always be withdrawn 
> in-band.  If a user signs a contract and gets paid to be a panelist, 
> they need to follow the legal steps to break their contract, including 
> (possibly) returning the money that they were paid.  I don't think 
> that we should expect an in-band exception-withdrawing mechanism to be 
> able to withdraw a consent that was granted out-of-band.
Is this your core concern with staying in-band?  That users will be able 
to less transparently avoid tracking by Nielsen after opting in?  I 
don't think anyone is suggesting that people should be able to break 
their Nielsen contracts by merely reconfiguring their exceptions.  If 
someone were to do that, wouldn't you be able to detect it, using 
whatever methods you use today to figure out when a panel member deletes 
their cookies or otherwise makes keeping state harder?  Wouldn't it be 
*easier* for you to track this, as you do have client-side software that 
could keep state on the user's browser exceptions?

Again, I find this far preferable to a L signal.  If that were to be 
countenanced, we would need to be very clear that the availability of 
the L signal was cabined to market research (collection that doesn't 
change any individual's experience) and there were some automated way to 
get information later about whether consent was eventually found.  Not 
convinced that's possible but willing to consider.

Received on Tuesday, 26 March 2013 21:37:14 UTC