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Re: New text Issue 25: Aggregated data: collection and use for audience measurement research

From: Rob van Eijk <rob@blaeu.com>
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2013 13:53:48 +0100
To: Kathy Joe <kathy@esomar.org>, rigo@w3.org, public-tracking@w3.org
CC: peter@peterswire.net, justin@cdt.org
Message-ID: <6c63e91c-d73e-45b3-87a2-6c1b37c05cbc@email.android.com>

The core of the problem of 'aggregated statistical reporting' is that it is about unique users / unique user behavior, instead of usage. The retention time of linkable pseudonyms makes it a technology with a memory.

Because these metrics are about users instead of usage, DNT must be meaningful. 


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