Re: New text Issue 25: Aggregated data: collection and use for audience measurement research

Hi Kathy,

If the purpose is sololy geared towards understanding, the effort is much appreciated. It is great non-descriptive information we all learn from. Recognition gained, issue closed.

If the purpose is geared towards towards gaining recognition, ie an exception under DNT, if fail to understand the added value of the exception to the standard. Since you claim to be legally compliant already, DNT has no added value for your use case. The exception is not solving a problem. 

If the problem is of a technical nature, ie pixel tags that can not trigger en exception call through the exception API, that problem beggs the question. 

So my question becomes: what it your view on the exceptions under DNT, what non-technical problem would it solve in your specific use-case(s)? 

Appreciating the discussion,

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