Re: New text Issue 25: Aggregated data: collection and use for audience measurement research

This is important conversation to have.  But I have concerns that audience measurement data used in today's real time targeting environment (where offline/online data is routinely integrated) could violate the DNT intentions of a user.

Kathy Joe:  Could you please specify how all companies would be required to use such measurement data so it could not be applied at all to any user sending DNT.  How would it be used to target a user and/or a class of users whose personas' reflect critical identity components of a user?  What kind of content optimization and placement would be done based on the research? Would it be used for predictive optimization of users in a real-time targeting environment, for example?  What other policies/safeguards would apply when such research is used in cross-platform environments, such as mobile?

 In other words, please provide greater specifics--use cases--on how Esomar says such data can be used in the commercial arena.

We also should discuss Rob's proposal to make such research a visible part of the audience measurement structure.



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Received on Wednesday, 6 March 2013 13:34:00 UTC