Re: DNT: Agenda for Call March 6

On 3/6/13 1:24 AM, JC Cannon wrote:
> Is it people’s opinion that if I go to a vendor page on FB such as
>, the user’s interaction with the page
> should be treated as third party? As a consumer that would not seem
> practical to me. I would feel that I’m interacting with Macy’s. If I
> left a message I would hope that the people at Macy’s could retrieve it.
> Am I missing something?

But would you still expect Macy's to give you a tracking cookie which
allows it to correlate your behaviour on their Facebook page with that
on other platforms that show Macy's advertisements?

I think your question illustrates rather well why the exception for 1st
parties is such a fundamental flaw as its stand now.



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