Re: June Tracking Compliance and Scope Draft Change Submission

Can someone please elaborate on what the difference is between the defined
terms "deidentified" and "delinked" in the DAA-DMA-IAB draft?

"Delinked" appears to be the same as "deidentified", except that "delinked"
has an exception that allows "internal linkage within a discrete dataset"
provided that delinking occurs on a predetermined schedule.   This
exception appears only in non-normative text, but that may have been
intended as normative.   (The concept of "internal linkage" is not defined

This might not matter, because the only normative use of "delinked" outside
of its own definition is a single use of "deidentified and delinked" in a
context where the difference between the terms may not affect the normative

(The only non-normative use of "delinked" is in a sentence that gives
implementers a suggestion about how to exercise permitted uses that do not
exist in the draft.)

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