Re: Letter from Dr. Dix - Updated Attachments

FYI: This version contains the correct press release (still in German;
non-normative micro-summary below).

The press release outlines Dr. Dix strong privacy concerns about web
tracking as it exists today. It expresses general support for the idea
that users can control their privacy (such as by Do Not Track).

He raises the concern that the current proposals of our working group are
dominated by industry and do not address the privacy needs of the
individuals. As a consequence, he sees a risk that our efforts will be
useless from his perspective ("ins Leere lńuft").

He finally introduces the whitepaper by the Berlin Group (in particular
the requirement that users can change their preferences any time and that
the default setting must be "no tracking") and ends with a quote.

> Hi Team,
> I just received the enclosed update to the letter.
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> matthias
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> Dear Prof. Swire,
> Dear Mr. Schunter,
> I am very sorry, but I sent the false press statement yesterday. Now you
> find
> attached the right enclosure.
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> Sandra Lie├Ÿmann
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