Re: June Change Proposal: Section 2

Hi Amy,

I've added this proposal to the relevant wiki page:

Lee, you had also proposed a change on the definition of "shares", particularly around "factual or semantic content". Amy and Lee, is it possible that these two proposals could be combined?


On Jun 26, 2013, at 5:59 AM, "Amy Colando (LCA)" <> wrote:

> We propose modifying the definition of "share" as follows:  A PARTY "SHARES" DATA IF IT TRANSFERS OR PROVIDES A COPY OF DATA THAT IT HAS COLLECTED TO ANY OTHER PARTY"
> o	Rationale: This definition was previously submitted by a small group of participants.  The definition of "share" (or "pass") is used in reference to First Party obligations under the Specification.  The rationale behind preventing sharing is preventing circumvention of restrictions on Third Parties by allowing First Parties to collect information and then pass that information on to third parties.  However, the original text was sufficiently broad that it could be read to cover the independent and direct collection of data by Third Parties (e.g., when a third party ad network is collecting data on a publisher site because of its ad delivery activities)

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