Re: Edited Draft for Considerations

This document is a broadly supported industry draft, submitted by NAI, IAB, DAA, DMA, and many others.

I'm sure we can provide a redline.

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#1 – Yes (was trying to send it before noon but we were having technical difficulties)
#2 – NAI is the formal submitter but they have many “co-authors” that agree with the substance but I’m not sure if it’s necessary to list all of them out.

- Shane

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Just to clarify:

(1) Is this proposing specific language for adoption in the June draft, in response to Peter's call for specific proposals by June 26?
(2) If so, who is proposing it?

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:03 PM, Shane Wiley <<>> wrote:
Apologies – you may receive this from several individuals as we’re having issues sending the email to the public list.

The attached edited draft represents industry discussion but not consensus as we didn’t have enough time to coordinate a full review of initial thoughts.  Please see these as directional correct but with some room for word-smithing.

Thank you,
- Shane

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