June Change Proposal, tracking

This is ISSUE-5

The June draft has a definition of tracking that is not consistent
with the rest of our protocol, nor with what the user is asking us
to turn off when sending DNT:1.

Existing text in Sec 2.8:
Tracking is the retention or use, after a network interaction is complete, of data records that are, or can be, associated with a specific user, user agent, or device.

Tracking is the act of following a particular user's browsing activity across multiple distinct contexts, via the collection or retention of data that can associate a given request to a particular user, user agent, or device, and the retention, use, or sharing of data that has been collected, derived, or learned from such tracking outside the current context. For the purposes of this definition, a context is a set of resources that share the same data controller and a common branding, such that a user would expect that data supplied to one of the resources is available to all of the others within the same context.


Received on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 12:39:01 UTC