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>> Rigo Wenning wrote...
>> Location is one of the most sensitive personal data. Just removing text
>> is no ok IMHO as people will look for hints on geolocation. That we do
>> not have provisions here is fine, but we then need non-normative text on
>>what to do.
>> I think that fine grained geolocation use is incompatible with DNT:1
>> Relying on external laws and best practices is not appropriate. We need
>> a minimum protection here for those unregulated markets.
>> So either use postal code, but not k-anonymity, at least not without
>> specifying a minimum area grid:
>> -- Rigo

Bravo, Rigo...

...and please (everyone) don't forget that Yahoo's proposal ( via Brad Kulick, Shane Wiley, et al )
following the Sunnyvale Big Basin breakout ( with regards to replacing IP address(es) with
geo-location data as part of Yahoo's proposed de-identification regime ) has been discussed,
but not resolved.

Walter von Holst raised the concern in this post-Sunnyvale thread...

As you try to recover from the recent document butchery and return to a viable
working state... these are the kind of things that shouldn't be allowed to
just 'fall off the table'.

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