Re: ACTION-415 Provide text proposal regarding limitations on using a Potential Consent signal

I will start to push again on audience measurement. I think audience 
measurement should not be able to single out people and we should 
require a minimum k-anonymity of categories. I'm still waiting for text. 
I may write down my understanding at some point.  

Note that if I don't get text, they don't get a permitted use, so no 
audience measurement.. So the incentives to provide text are clear. 


On Saturday 15 June 2013 10:00:51 Rob van Eijk wrote:
> I remain very reserved on the P-flag as well. No new text on audience
> measurement has been presented to the group yet. In addition to that,
> and maybe even more important, the restriction to audience
> measurement must be normative in my view. There is only little
> negotiation room here, and creating a generic P-flag for possibly
> other uses than audience measurement is beyond that space for me.

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