Re: Process for this coming Wednesday and toward Last Call

On Jun 14, 2013, at 7:12 AM, Peter Swire <> wrote: 
>             (1) W3C staff is sending to the group a detailed set of annotations to the June Draft, which shows what currently open issues are affected by each portion of the June Draft.  The document that Yianni Lagos sent to the group on June 10 indicates many of these; the new document is designed to make it easy for persons interested in each open issue to spot where relevant text exists.

As a starting point, I've updated the June draft to indicate pointers to each open issue in the relevant portion of the text that addresses that issue. The draft provides a single text (rather than a set of several options) for every open Compliance issue, except for audience measurement, which remains a placeholder.

I hope this will be a helpful addition to what Yianni has already circulated explaining the meaningful differences (collected by issue) between the editors' draft of Compliance and the June draft; as a reminder, you can read that here:


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