ACTION-415 Provide text proposal regarding limitations on using a Potential Consent signal

I propose to add the bolded sentence to 5.2.7 of the TPE on Potential Consent.

5.2.7 Potential Consent (P)

A tracking status value of P means that the origin server does not know, in real-time, whether it has received prior consent for tracking this user, user agent, or device, but promises not to use or share any DNT:1 data until such consent has been determined, and further promises to delete or de-identify within forty-eight hours any DNT:1 data received for which such consent has not been received.

Since this status value does not itself indicate whether a specific request is tracked, an origin server that sends a P tracking status value must provide an edit member in the corresponding tracking status representation that links to a resource for obtaining consent status.

The P tracking status value is specifically meant to address audience survey systems for which determining consent at the time of a request is either impractical, due to legacy systems not being able to keep up with Web traffic, or potentially "gamed" by first party sites if they can determine which of their users have consented. The data cannot be used for the sake of personalization. If consent can be determined at the time of a request, the Ctracking status is preferred. If an origin server subsequently determines that it does not have prior consent to track a user, the origin server may not then disregard the user's DNT:1 signal; rejections of DNT:1 signals must be made in real-time, using the tracking status value of D defined in 5.2.8.

Received on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 15:03:29 UTC