Re: Action-231, issue-153 requirements on other software that sets DNT headers

Hi Alan,

thanks a lot for the language! I agree with your general thrust.

Quick questions:
(a) Is there a reason why these add-ons only need to implement Section 
5? Why not "ensure that the compliance of the user agent is not 
negatively affected, i.e.,
      that wit the extension in place, the requirements of the DNT specs 
are still satisfied."
(b) In the second part, "modifies a header" is too narrow (causes 

Other feedback?


On 10/06/2013 15:22, Alan Chapell wrote:
> Here is my suggestion for language pursuant to Action 231.
> A user agent MUST have a default tracking preference of unset (DNT is 
> not enabled; no tracking preference signal is sent). A user agent 
> extension or add-on must not alter the user's tracking preference 
> setting unless it complies with Section 5 of this document (/User 
> Preferences/). Software outside of the user agent that causes a DNT 
> header to be sent (or modifies existing headers) MUST NOT do so 
> without following the requirements of this section; such software also 
> MUST ensure the expressed preference reflects the individual user's 
> intent.
> Alan

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