RE: Text for ISSUE-164

Hi Rigo,

Thanks for the text. Unless I receive other statements, I see this as a 
way forward towards an agreement. In this case, we should discuss the 
proposed text during this call (or one of the subsequent calls).

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> Hi Matthias,
> I think SHOULD and MUST are off the table AFAIK. But I still would like to
> include the non-normative text below. (English native speakers please
> correct or shorten)
>  --Rigo
> On Tuesday 04 June 2013 15:04:47 Matthias Schunter wrote:
> > ISSUE-164: To what extent should the "same-party" attribute of
> > tracking  status resource be required
> >
> > (A) Current draft: Resource is optional
> > (B) Alternative proposal 1: If multiple domains on a page belong to
> > the  same party, then this fact /SHOULD/ be declared using the
> > same-party attribute
> > (C) Alternative proposal 2: State that user agents /MAY/ assume that
> > additional elements that are hosted under a different URL and occur on
> > a  page and declare "intended for 1st party use" are malicious unless
> > this URL is listed in the "same-party" attribute
> >   => Concrete text is needed to issue a call
> Suggested Text for option C:
> A user experience on the web can be composed of elements from a variety
> of resources that are assembled into one user experience by the user agent.
> Many of those resources, even under different domain names, may belong
> to the same data controller or to service providers that act as data
> processors for the controller.
> A user agent fetching elements from different resources may want to check
> whether a claim from a resource to be under control by the same party is
> backed by the first party the service claims to cater to. This is especially the
> case if elements from a different origin have to be mashed up. The user
> agent can check whether such claims are backed by the first party of the top
> origin by verifying the <code>same- party</code> declaration of that origin.
> In case the service provider's claim is not backed by the first party of the
> initial origin, a user agent may decide to block such elements or resources.

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