Batch closing of TPE related issues

Hi Team,

enclosed is a list of TPE-related ISSUES that I believe can be closed.
Please drop me a line if you disagree and believe that some of these 
issues should be kept open.

Thanks a lot!


ISSUE-112: How are sub-domains handled for site-specific exceptions?
- Cookie-like
- As documented in the spec

ISSUE-152: User Agent Compliance: feedback for out-of-band consent
- User agents (in the new model) are free to interact with users
- We do not mandate that they do so

ISSUE-167: Multiple site exceptions
- No special approach for multi-site exceptions
- Based on implementation experience, we may later revisit the issue

ISSUE-182: protocol for user agents to indicate whether a request with 
DNT set is 1st party or 3rd party
- This seems technically impossible
- As a consequence, I suggest to close

ISSUE-192: Should exceptions have expiry date, secure flag or other 
cookie-like attributes?
- User agents may expire exceptions (or use other mechanisms for 
aligning them with user preference)
- Suggestion: No additional management mechanisms; leave TPE spec as it is

Received on Tuesday, 4 June 2013 13:33:08 UTC