Call for proposals for ISSUE-194

Hi Team,

during the last TPE call, we discussed ISSUE-194. One goal of ISSUE-194 
is to ensure that sites reliably receive valid DNT signals.
Without such a mechanism, there is a risk that a multitude of things 
spray DNT;1 signals (antivirus, network devices, operating systems, ...; 
often without user interaction).
As a consequence, sites can no longer reasonably by required to listen 
to those signals.

We agreed that separating noise from signals is a valid concern and 
there were concerns
whether there exists any solution that satisfies our goals.

If we could reliably distinguish between valid user preferences/choice 
and noise from other entities on the net,
then this allows sites to actually reliably act on user preferences 
while "D"isregarding the noise.

As part of discussing this further, I would like to issue a call for 
proposals. The question is
what mechanisms are envisioned that allow sites to (more) reliably 
separate noise from preferences.

Any proposals (as responses) are welcome. My goal is to then discuss and 
compare thes proposals
to understand whether they help sites with this concern.


Received on Tuesday, 30 April 2013 07:38:57 UTC