Re: Using a standard cookie for opt-in exceptions (was: TPE sec 6.11 on clearing granted exceptions)


does that mean we would not need a DNT:0 signal anymore? In this case we 
would have to adapt the protocol. 

For the rest of your message, it is very interesting but more than I can 
digest tonight after 2 days in London. I understood that your suggestion 
would mean a change in protocol that would make work DNT with old 

for the ad-networks you need explicit/explicit so the browser can send 
the allowance to selected auction companies who get a DNT:0 (or cookie) 
that would allow tranistory permission for this auction. Because I don't 
think you can solve the auction problem without transitory permissions. 
But those would be under purpose limitation and without the possibility 
of secondary use. I think we had that discussion in Washington. 


On Friday 26 April 2013 12:55:22 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> After consent is granted, the site sets a cookie and the user agent
> would thereafter send something like
>    DNT: 1
>    Cookie: w3dnt=0

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