Re: ACTION-258: Propose 'should' for same-party and why

* Rigo Wenning wrote:
>You're arguing for DNT:1 spawning routers! They don't need to interact. 
>And the DNT:1 header without feedback is not enforceable at all. I can 
>always tell you: "Please wear a helmet". This doesn't force you to wear 
>a helmet, not even to respond to my preference. This is just the initial 
>30 line DNT:1 implementation as it has no legal value at all. If this is 
>true, what have we done in the past one and a half year? Why do we need 
>a protocol at all? Instead, you write "I do DNT" on one page on your 
>site and expose yourself to the thunderstorm of DNT:1 headers. The 
>overhead is only justified if there is a feedback. Feedback is legally 
>needed. If browser do not record/parse feedback, they do not implement 

I would appreciate pointers to the list archive where this argument has
been made in a similarily explicit form, ideally by you, back in 2011.

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